At Faith Memorial, we take safety very seriously. We have several systems in place to keep everyone as safe as possible!
  1. ALL Children’s Ministry Workers must go through a background screening process before being permitted to work with children.
  2. FMBC has a Watchmen Committee that patrols the premises during each service. Those serving in this ministry also have undergone background screening before being permitted to serve.
  3. We have a video surveillance system that records all activity at each entrance and in the hallways of the building.
  4. We have installed a Kiosk Check In / Check Out System for children up to age 12. This Kiosk will have detailed information (such as the child’s name, emergency contact, allergies, etc.) printed out on a label for each child. The parent will receive a ticket with a code matching their child’s label. ONLY THE PERSON WITH THE TICKET WILL BE PERMITTED TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD.

If you have any questions about the safety and security measures at Faith Memorial Baptist, please feel free to contact us!